Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday, March 27, 2006

All you pretty girls...

Vishnu, She has started speaking. Going with the norm, she is already into the phones.

I have always believed that nature is a tad bit more helpful to the beautiful gender. I see that nature equips them with maturity, alertness and consciousness faster and larger, things that are hard to come by to us from the other corner of the grey matter.

Mahesh thinks otherwise though, He believes girls dont compare to the stronger gender, he believes that soul searching is a rare phenomenon for the skin centered species.

Whatever it may be, Vishnu sure has started talking earlier than I did. Welcome to the world of confusion.

P.S - Ini Aandhan veetuku poi Vishnu'va thontharavu seyya mudiyathu. Aduththavaaram ketta vaarththaiyila thittu vizhunthaalum vizhum.