Monday, August 29, 2005

Back to School...

Ever been in a school day function cursing you headmaster for talkomania? Or how do you rate it waiting for the drama or a prize distribution ceremony you are involved in? I have always felt why people keep on reading reports, reports and further reports when the audience is waiting to see some fun. Well, was a kid then.

Happened to go to a school day function yesterday, for a photoshoot. One of our friend's son won some prize in a competition and was being awarded. Our friend invited us. Felt that we may end up on some nice photographs, so we went there. Atleast this time, the function wasn't boring.. someone was talking, someone was getting the prize.. we were just shooting.. Did beat time there, ha.

Somehow, Got reminded of this poem from Kalyanji..


Anonymous said...

Was this photo taken by you?-Thaen here

prasanna said...

yes Thaen, i took this photo when we went for a photoshoot to the school. Mahesh did his bit with post processing.