Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Ever taken a MBTI test? I landed upon one when I was in search of some details about C G Jung's explainations on shadow part of psychology. Ever since I have become a firm believer of what those type indicators mean to convey. Heard that they are being used in organizations for team formation nowadays. There are lots of these tests in the market and it is being said that the best way to take the test is to take an official MBTI ( Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ) instrument from a professional who has met the standards necessary to be "qualified" to administer the test. An excellent resource for "qualified" persons is the Association for Psychological Type. But after lots of trials and errors I found the MBTI test provided in The DDLI Page consistent. It has worked for me and has worked well on my friends who have taken it.

I myself am an INFJ, they generalise me as a Counsellor. As I saw, it went well with Mahesh too. Initially when I had taken the test, I was giving big lectures about how true it is, how it works and how there are these personality types all around us and how no personality type is wrong and how problems are only due to mismatch or collision of two personality types. On the first go, he wasn't believing me at all, and why would he, even I would have done the same after our self generated ideas about personality development tools and personality development books. But later after too much of hitting the nail, it sunk into him. You should have been there with us on the day he had taken the test. He was giving the same lecture I gave him, back to me :-(, Took his revenge I think.

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