Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I feel like God

How many of you have seen this new Bajaj Avenger DTS–I commercial? If you have not seen it, make it a point to see.
Ad filming is a great area, I personally am in awe with Sharad Haksar. He hits your eye by telling the concept with one still shot. I and Mahesh were talking about starting a blog just for ads, sometime back.

Leaving aside things I like, this commercial from Bajaj is great, just great. It’s a beautiful ad which uses a rocky outskirt road, and a warm backdrop for a rider in black and a black bike. Colors and the settings are perfect, it gives me a sense of calmness and suddenly I feel at ease, somehow I can relate to the person shown.
The guy rides the bike cool, voiceover starts- “I forgive...” – cut – a man slapping – cut, voiceover “... My father”. It catches your attention right there. We are indians and that statement is eccentric for us, right? He goes on to forgive the girl who ditched him, his boss who fired him, the barber who gave a scar over his lips (the model does a great act at this particular point), he forgives the government for bad roads, and finally to top it all they show a guy having trouble with an old bike and we hear a voiceover “I forgive my past”. Just pause this moment and look yourself up in a mirror, you would be smiling. Now the model goes on to say that “I feel… I feel like god” and you really do, on seeing the ad and putting yourself in his place. Great work by who ever conceptualized the commercial. Kudos, man.

You can download the ad here.

note: This was not a review of the bike, it’s about the ad. So when buying, check the specs… forget the ad… or later we’d be riding our perfect bike and we’d be saying “I forgive Bajaj avenger”

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Rags said...

It is a great Ad..I remember seeing it couple of weeks back in SunTV...The statement "I feel like God..." is out of the world... Truly catchy...hope the bike is also the same way...