Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Why Blog?

I was googling for details about blog layout changes. But whatever combination of words I gave, I was not able to find what I wanted. That was when I saw something interesting. You get more tips about blog writing than blog designing. You are being given all sorts of advices. They tell you to add a picture at regular intervals, they tell you to start a query and leave it for the viewer to answer, and they tell you to do this-do that - all for what, to increase viewer ship of the blog.

It was interesting. I was wondering how i landed upon my blog. I remembered doing big big write-ups and sending it across to all my friends. Those write-ups involved philosophy, photography, psychology, poems, stories anything I liked reviewing or anything I wrote... all my friends would reply the way I know they would. It was boring at times because the comments were predictable. There was a definite pattern, I always knew who would read what and who would say what on reading the things I write, those were my friends. I also found that I was writing things matching their taste; otherwise I won’t be getting a proper feedback, will I? That’s when I got this idea of starting this blog, adding to it our collection of processed photos were also increasing so I thought that it would be a podium to showcase some of our interesting photos too. But we were very sure that the photos showcased should be our own. That’s how I am here now.

But looking at these sites which are telling the bloggers how to blog and what to write to increase viewer ship, I got a doubt as to whether blogging is for our own sake which gets viewers as a result or is blogging done for the viewers and what I write is its result.


keerthi said...

Your doubt was my doubt ("Was" is a bad word in this sentence).

Check this link

I understand that you went through all of my archives :) Thanks.. you could feedback, please.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I went thro all your archive pages. Right from the top. Didnt go thro the articles though, so cant comment really.. But will try to find time for that.

But the photographs in your site were good. I was impressed with some of them and have included some of them to my own "enakku pidiththa photos" list in my Laptop. That Mastercard AD shot for one is worth a mention.

Ramo said...

With my brief trip in the blog world, I think,Blogs are like conversing the ideas we have, with someone we would enjoy to talk to. Those type of talks, which we just enjoying for being there. Talks, that started some where and ended some where.Talks where we spoke honestly and listened honestly.Its same way with the blogs too.Blogs are to be like continuing a chat with a friend after a break..like..with an "appuram!".Just to register some thing what we think of, before leaving it behind.

True, that we may guess what X & Y would reply for our mail, as you said, after really knowing about them.Blogs are really interesting due to this comment part,where we get wider prespective (other than "Nice blog!") and we may even stumble upon a surprise comment from an anonymous blogger,which may really mean to us.

If Blogs are to be written for readers then it will be no different than writing an article to the magazine and we are no journalist, to do that with a career prespective.

Other wise, a smile or "good!" or "Damn!" from the reader is enough and it is better not to really care which of the above three he will do.

As we keep on postponing Emails that we want to write to our friends, I think blogs can make us keep in touch,just like an daily conversation.

And finally thanks for introducing blogs to me. I have created my own too.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Club Raja.

You already know to what extent i would agree to your comments, So its better left without saying.

Nice to be in touch atleast thro this. :-)