Thursday, September 08, 2005

Do you Flirt???

Do you flirt? If not – do. Thinking over this for a minute, I feel it will be good for you!

Well, here’s why I think so… You can’t flirt if you don’t listen. I am sure that it would be impossible to flirt if you aren’t concentrating. Ow, I said concentrating, what do you think they teach you in meditation classes... (I know it is a bit toooo much to compare flirting with mediation, well… if Osho can compare making love to meditation… why can’t I?)

Let’s move further, if say, you are wrapped up in your own thoughts, do you think you will be able to flirt. Concentrating is a must in flirting.

Let’s see how we could be attentive, concentration personified. First, you should be aware to anything new, Wow she’s looking gorgeous today sorta thing. Next, you should be aware of interesting aspects about her, light colored dresses match her best, her eyes do great things when she smiles sorta thing. Finally, you should be aware and active, else how do you think you are going to notice that she too is flirting. That would be the worst thing to miss.

A good flirt will increase your concentration beyond your subject, it actually requires you to be people smart, and your interpersonal skill goes to extremes… You concentrate on you surroundings, the location, and the climate – waiting for the possibility of a topic to flirt upon. You get to become good body language identifiers too…

Ow, forgot to tell one important thing, this doesn’t have to be with your girlfriend/boyfriend only, you could well use it as a nice starter with your neighbor, your grocer, new teacher to your college, or your new colleague... The relationship becomes easy right away (if you over-do it you have every chance of getting named as a jolls...)

So, Step one: Notice things. The blue of your new house maid’s eyes, the salwar your colleague has worn. Your manager’s new tie, anything. Next step: Mention it. A quick and sincere comment like “Nice shirt!” is enough to create a connection and open up a conversation—and really, that’s the general goal of flirting.

Mindfulness of others is a powerful skill that can help you build relationships in all settings. Flirting is nothing more than being aware of others and taking advantage of what you notice in order to connect. Who said mindfulness has to be quiet, solitary and inner-directed? It can be spirited, social, and downright sexy.

Notice. Smile. Connect. Repeat. That’s the Mantra…

So, are you ready to flirt?

Genie Talks – All things said here are theoretical, largely inspired on an article read sometime back. Would award you by blogging the adventures if anyone could test it out and let me know the results…

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