Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Life over weekends - chaos or creative ???

Life’s been interesting, its two months in Singapore now. Interesting, especially over the weekend. I will call it creative, mmm… rather ‘almost creative’. I don’t know why, we (as usual ‘Me and Mahesh’) seem to love chaos. That’s what brings inspirations and initiatives to our life’s flow. Our weekends don’t have any process, neither does it have any order (what do you call it? – discipline!!!). It is pure fun, exciting and exhilarating. We wait for friday evening, drool over the week like snails and 6 pm Friday, aha… we could hold a bulb by our fingers and make it glow.

But even in a weekend, if we are involved in an activity where others get involved along with us, the balance goes off somehow and we lose our steam half way. The weekend goes to shambles and our energy takes a topsy turvy turn. If I could read it properly, our energy actually becomes destructive. We end up drooling more than the usual in the week ahead.

After these sorta tiresome weekdays, we start a new weekend slowly. We want to make sure that we don’t spoil it again as we did last time. We start out with a movie usually; we handpick the movie and make sure that it isn’t a disaster. Or we sit in our work tables and simply work, I write something and he works on a photo... we stop in between to chat, we raise our heads to the television on the sound of some commercial, we scathe at all funny commercials and go gaga over all fantastic ones... we pat ourselves in the back and enjoy the greatness of our knowledge. We get back to work again till the next commercial pops up. It goes on. We break for a tea, make it a point to stay awake till the morning, go to bed on the break of sunlight and wake up at a ‘don’t know what’ time. And the cycle repeats. When the weekend is over, we are sure that we feel happy… see, I told you… we love chaos.

Someone could set processes up in our lives someday, maybe our wives… or maybe another friend who may become our catalyst. They may put structure to our lives, organize us and define our objectives, bla bla bla... but that’s well in the future.

The actual problem is we enjoy being creative, but when turning it out as a productive output... we stall. It’s actually a conflict working with people who put ends to the front when what matters to us most is the means. So we actually enjoy the creative part and are a bit slow over the output.

So how do you think our weekends are going to shape us? Are we going to end out as useless bums or are we going to find some way to harness our creative energy into useful outcomes…

Any thoughts?

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